Spanish Retail Giant Zara Gears Up for Gradual Reopening Amid Ukraine-Russia Conflict: A Focus on Safety and Market Circumstances

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The Spanish retail powerhouse is reportedly planning to reopen over 50% of its stores in Ukraine, a country still under threat from Russia. The globally renowned retailer Zara is set to reopen a large number of its outlets in Ukraine after a near two-year closure. Inditex, Zara's parent company, announced to Euronews Business that it intends to gradually resume operations in its Ukrainian stores from April 1st with the decision dependent on local market conditions. Ensuring the safety of workers and customers remains a top priority for the group, Inditex added. The brand shut down all 84 of its establishments in Ukraine along with its businesses in Russia in the wake of the latter's commencement of a full-blown invasion of its neighbouring country on February 24, 2022, which has reportedly led to over 30,000 fatalities. The company had earlier disclosed to the Financial Times its plans to reopen 20 of its outlets in Kyiv shopping centres before increasing the operating stores count to 50. The brand's other 34 stores are situated in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine, regions directly impacted by the conflict, where the Ukrainian government has forbidden commercial activities. The firm is mimicking the approach of other brands that initially paused their operations in Russia and Ukraine after the war broke out. Zara's main competitor, H&M, resumed its operations in the country last November.

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