Royal Home Births: The Dramatic Arrival of Zara and Mike Tindall’s Youngest, Following in Regal Tradition

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Zara and Mike Tindall are the joyful parents of three children: Mia, aged ten; Lena, aged five; and Lucas, who just celebrated his third birthday. The birth of their youngest child, Lucas, was notably eventful as he was born on the bathroom floor of their Gatcombe Park house in March 2021. Remarkably, Zara broke a 50-year-old royal tradition by giving birth at home instead of a hospital, making her the first royal woman to do so. The last royal to give birth at home before her was the late sister of the Queen, Princess Margaret, who gave birth to her daughter, Lady Sarah, at Kensington Palace in 1964.

Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to her four kids within the confines of Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. On The Good, The Bad & The Rugb‪y podcast, delighted dad Mike announced: "My Sunday just improved significantly as a small boy made his entrance into the world at my residence," and mentioned that his newborn son, Lucas, "made a rapid appearance. He was born before we could reach the hospital, right on the bathroom floor." He informed the audience: "Thus, the situation called for a quick run to the gym to grab a mat, rush to the bathroom, position the mat on the floor, lay down some towels, and brace myself for the imminent birth.

David Hartley/Shutterstock reveals that Lucas is a spitting image of his father, Mike. Mike shared that his spouse's friend, Dolly, who was present during the birth of their two daughters, Mia and Lena, was there as well. She realized they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time. He further added that luckily, the midwife who was supposed to meet them at the hospital wasn't far off and arrived just as they were getting into position. The second midwife turned up shortly after the head had surfaced. Getty reports that Mia and Lena are extremely affectionate towards their little sibling, Lucas. Mike mentioned that his daughters weren't around on the day as Zara, his wife, had been experiencing contractions throughout the night. He commented on the advantages of home births, explaining that the best part was that as soon as the baby was swaddled, he was carried downstairs to have skin-to-skin contact in the living room.

We're all about golf right now. You might also be interested in this: The first appearances of Royal babies and Zara's home birth transports us back to the moment when the late Queen Elizabeth II greeted her newborns. The Queen gave birth to Charles in 1948. Prince Charles was born through a C-section on the evening of November 14, 1948, in the Buhl Room of Buckingham Palace. According to Town and Country magazine, the room, typically used for visitors, was temporarily turned into a small hospital.

The Daily Mail disclosed that when King's private aide Tommy Lascelles delivered the joyous news, Philip excitedly rushed up into the Buhl Room – previously modified into a surgical room. He then cradled his first-born child, still attired in his casual sports trousers and an unbuttoned shirt. Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise arrived into the world on August 15, 1950, at 11:50 am, her birth taking place at Clarence House because the palace was under refurbishment post-war. The Queen and Prince Philip were blessed with another son, Prince Andrew, on February 19, 1960, who was born in a suite at Buckingham Palace, just like Prince Charles.

Princess Anne was born in August of 1950. On the 10th of March 1964, Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis was born for the first time in Buckingham Palace with Prince Phillip present with his wife during the birth. A report from the New York Times uncovered that the newborn was initially placed in a cream-colored metal cradle designed for his mother. Eventually, he was moved into the Moses Basket, which used to belong to Queen Mary, his grandmother. The article also mentions a confidential lunch between King Charles and Princess Kate.

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