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Performance marketing 101: Everything you need to know – Media Update –

Before we jump into what performance marketing is all about, we first need to take a look at what it has to do with social media. When it comes to digital spaces, it can be difficult to find what works and what doesn’t. On top of that, it is even more confusing to figure out why some content does well and others don’t.

Enter — performance marketing.

Let’s get right to it:

What is performance marketing?

“This refers to when a team of marketers or advertisers sit down with their clients and discuss the goals they would like to reach by the end of a certain period of time. Once these objectives have been met, only then will the client pay the marketing agency,” says media update.

This means that an agency will focus on proving that its marketing efforts are paying off. And this is where amaSocial comes in. We can prove that the strategies your marketing agency or team use for social media actually work.

Why is performance marketing important?

There are countless marketing brands out there — which means that if your marketing agency is not proving its worth to a client, they will find another provider that does. Performance marketing is all about showing:

  • that what you do is working. This will be determined by the number of followers and engagements you reach on a post.
  • clear-set objects for a brand, and
  • proof that the marketing agency is reaching its predetermined goals.

amaSocial is all about performance, which means we focus on providing facts and stats to show your brand how it’s performing. The metrics that contribute to seeing results are the following:

  • Heat map — This map visually shows a brand when people head over to their social media and engage with content. This helps show if a social media manager is hitting the marks.
  • Sentiment — This shows the user how the public experiences the message that they are portraying or trying to send on social media. This is a great way to see what consumers are feeling.
  • Deep Dive — This takes the brand deeper into the consumer conversation, especially when promoting products and services using #hashtags and other marketing aids.
  • Content Verification — This tracks the content that you have scheduled and launched into the social spaces. This can also be a shared environment for all stakeholders to see how many conversations were started and that continued
  • Engagement Metrics — This is a service that measures the performance of your social media posts by summarising the engagements over a period of time. The results are visually depicted in a graph. How convenient, right?

Using the amaSocial products will either help you prove your PR efforts or social media strategies — and …….