Inside Princess Anne’s Private World: The Untold Story of Her ‘Normal’ Upbringing of Zara and Peter Phillips

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Not much is revealed about the personal child-rearing techniques Princess Anne used in raising her children, Zara and Peter Phillips. However, her offspring have expressed gratefulness towards their mother's decision to give them a 'normal' upbringing. Zara recalled experiencing much fun and a variety of different experiences during her childhood. She feels fortunate to have parents who involved her in various activities such as horse-riding, sailing, and traveling. Zara shared this in a promotional video for the British fashion label, Musto. Furthermore, she particularly commends her mother's choice of not granting them any official titles, which she believes was lucky as it allowed her and her brother to carve their own paths.

Princess Anne has a deep connection with her daughter, Zara. Looking back at photos from Zara's infancy and toddlerhood, it's evident that Princess Anne always had a strong bond with her daughter from such a young age.

Princess Anne involved Zara in royal duties and even carried her on her shoulders during her early years, which seemed to be filled with happiness and excitement. The most cherished pictures from the initial years of Zara Tindall with her mother, Princess Anne can be seen here…

When Zara was born in 1981, Princess Anne was seen leaving St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, with her three-day-old baby girl, Zara Phillips. Zara Anne Elizabeth, the daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, was born in May 1981 at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital.

After giving birth to her daughter, Princess Anne was pictured on the steps of the Lindo Wing, holding her newborn girl and smiling for the paparazzi as she left for home. It was the first occasion a royal was caught on camera with their newborn at these now-famous steps.

Princess Anne instructs Zara on horseback riding. Princess Anne shows her support for her daughter as she takes her maiden horse ride. Princess Anne could not have been more elated as a mother when her daughter Zara had her first horse ride experience.

Princess Zara was given a piggyback ride by Princess Anne at the Windsor Horse Show. Royal family members generally depended on nannies for childcare, making Princess Anne's hands-on parenting approach quite unusual.

Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth, for example, often undertook long royal tours, leaving their children behind. Princess Anne, deviating from the traditional parenting within the royal family, was among the pioneers to defy this norm, a precedent that has been followed by Princess Diana, Kate, and Zara herself.

Princess Anne and her daughter Zara share a mutual passion for horses. In 1985, they were spotted wearing identical khaki green Wellington boots at the Windsor Horse Show, managing through the rain with style.

A thrilled young Zara seemed enchanted by the horse before her, hinting at her destined future as an Olympic horse rider. The princess royal was always accompanied by her daughter, the pair demonstrating a remarkable resemblance.

Sporting matching tartan outfits, Princess Anne affectionately gripped her daughter's small hand as the royal family made their way to Scrabster, Scotland, for their summer vacation.

Both Princess Anne and Zara have made names for themselves in the equestrian world, it was evident that Zara inherited her love of horses from her mother.

By the tender age of eight, Zara was accompanying her mother to the Royal Ascot – one of the more renowned British racecourses.

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