Unmasking Similarities: Comparing the Aromatic Notes of the Affordable Cherry Smoothie to the Luxurious Tom Ford Lost Cherry

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The ingredients list of Cherry Smoothie remarkably resembles the costly Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume, from cherries to vanilla, almond, plums, and tonka beans. These shared elements suggest a similar fragrance between the two options. While Cherry Smoothie is a fantastic substitute that costs only a small fraction of the pricey Tom Ford alternative, it's fair to disclose it has a sweeter scent and lacks the unique spicy accents of Lost Cherry. However, considering the astronomical price of approximately £400 for most of us to spend on perfume, many would find the £22.99 cost for 90 ml of Cherry Smoothie quite appealing. For those still desiring the luxury of Lost Cherry, it's £386 for 100 ml or starting at £290 for a 50 ml option. The purchase link is below.

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