New TrueNAS SCALE TrueCharts App Catalog Released –

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“Unlock the Full Potential of TrueNAS SCALE with TrueCharts App Store: A Game-Changing Addition to the NAS Market”

Join the ranks of the elite with TrueNAS SCALE and TrueCharts App Store – the ultimate duo for NAS users. Developed by the experts at iXsystems and supported by a dynamic community, TrueCharts offers over 180 applications to elevate your TrueNAS experience. Plus, it’s free and open-source, giving you complete control over app customization. And with Traefik reverse proxy and Wireguard VPN capabilities, TrueCharts makes securing your apps easier than ever. Say goodbye to complicated installation scripts and hello to a user-friendly installer that brings Kubernetes features to the masses. Whether you’re a novice or a tech-savvy user, TrueCharts has something for everyone. With its impressive Quick Start guides and seamless integration with popular apps like Plex and Nextcloud, TrueCharts is set to shake up the NAS market. Don’t get left behind – join the TrueCharts community and revolutionize your NAS game today.


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