Andalusian roads to go green with 5,000 new plants: eight are in Malaga province –

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The contract for pruning and planting over 5,200 shrubs and plants on major motorways in Andalusia will cover various high-capacity roads across the provinces of Almeria, Granada, Jaén, and Malaga. The work is to be executed by a joint venture between Coralsur Mantenimiento and Molifer Construcciones y Jardines. This initiative includes planting on A-92, A-92N, A-92M, A-334, A-395, A-316, A-7282, A-357, and A-7056 motorways. The main purposes of this project are to enhance road safety, improve environmental conditions by reducing CO2 emissions through vegetation management, and maintain the aesthetic appeal and functional integrity of the region’s road network.

The specified areas for planting include:

  • 5,215 shrubs and plants on various stretches of the A-92 motorway in Almeria, Granada, and Malaga.

  • Pruning work along 249 kilometers of the A-92 in these provinces.

  • A-92N between Guadix and Murcia’s border (Almeria).

  • A-92M stretch from Salinas train station to Las Pedrizas mountain pass.

  • Planting and pruning on sections of the following roads:

    • A-334 road from Baza to Huercal-Overa in Almeria.

    • A-395 route from Granada to Sierra Nevada.

    • A-316 between Úbeda and Granada-Cordoba road.

    • A-7282 on accesses to Antequera.

    • A-357 through Guadalhorce Valley, from Campillos to Malaga.

    • A-7056 for accesses to the Malaga PTA from A-357.

The contract aims at reintroducing native vegetation and repopulating areas that have lost their original plant life over time. The choice of species will prioritize indigenous, fast-growing plants suitable for roadside conditions. Their implementation serves multiple purposes including erosion control, slope management, traffic guidance, and enhancing the landscape integration with roads they run alongside.

In addition to planting, this contract includes comprehensive maintenance through pruning of existing vegetation and weeding activities, which will improve visibility, enhance safety conditions for road users, mitigate fire risks in summer months, protect vehicles and individuals alike, promote efficient drainage during rainfall, and streamline future maintenance tasks. The overall investment by the regional government is approximately 2.8 million euros.

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