“Unleash the Power of Fedora Linux with the Highly-Anticipated Nobara 39 – Now Downloadable, with a Custom Steam Deck Edition – BetaNews”

Fedora | January 26th, 2024

Nobara 39, the latest iteration of the Linux distribution, has officially been released, bringing significant advancements and a host …….

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“Enhancing Ubuntu Linux: Installer Now Compatible with NVMe-over-TCP – Phoronix”

Ubuntu | January 26th, 2024

Show Your Support: Did you know that the hundreds of articles written on Phoronix each month are mostly authored by one individual? does…….

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“ZDNet Announces Major Security Upgrade in Upcoming Ubuntu Linux 23.10 Release”

Ubuntu | January 26th, 2024

Cultura RF/Brett Phibbs/Getty ImagesOn October 12, 2023, Canonical will be releasing Ubuntu 23.10. This new version of Ubuntu Linux is already lo…….

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Forbes: Manjaro Linux Reveals Exciting Plans for Its Future

Manjaro | January 26th, 2024

Since 2011, Arch Linux-based Manjaro has focused on being a simple-to-use, accessible Linux desktop distribution with a friendly community. Manjaro ha…….

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MX Linux: Try This Linux Distro for A Snappy Desktop Experience – UbuntuPIT

MX Linux | January 26th, 2024

Are you looking for a clean and snappy Linux-based desktop experience? Then take a look at MX Linux, which is known for its light yet powerful package…….

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Latest release of EuroLinux Desktop – what will we find in Version 9.1? – H2S Media

EuroLinux | January 26th, 2024

EuroLinux Desktop is a modern operating system that combines the look and functionality of both Windows and macOS with the reliability and security o…….

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“Unlock the Power of the Enterprise with EuroLinux Desktop: the Elite RHEL-based Distribution – Exclusive Coverage from It’s FOSS News”

EuroLinux | January 26th, 2024

EuroLinux Desktop is a Linux distro that aims to provide a well-rounded package for Windows and macOS users.You might be aware that EuroLinu…….

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Mabox Linux proves that old-school Linux is here to stay, and it’s free to use – ZDNet

Mabox | January 26th, 2024

The Mabox desktop includes a Welcome app to help you acclimatise to the environment. Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZDNETZDNET’s key takeawaysMabox is …….

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“Introducing Kodachi Linux 3.7: The Latest Release with Enhanced Security Features and Anonymous Wallpapers – From Softpedia News”

Kodachi | January 26th, 2024

Less than two weeks after their end-of-year announcement, Eagle Eye Digital Solutions have announced the release of a new update of their se…….

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Tiny Core Linux – Linux Journal

Tiny Core | January 26th, 2024

Several projects exist that purport to be small, run-in-memory
distributions. The most popular probably is Puppy Linux. Puppy
has spawned several v…….

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