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Every new generation of artists, curators, and critics seems to feel the need to defend painting. It makes sense: paint on canvas, good for little else, is basically synonymous with big-A Art. Painting stands for art’s angels and demons, its optimism and attention, its arrogance and solipsism.

“The Painter’s New Tools” at Nahmad Contemporary in Manhattan showcases just how far contemporary artists have pushed new media with…….

Every new period of artists, curators, and critics seems to exactly feel The Want to defend painting. It Is sensible: paint on canvas, good for little else, is principally synonymous with huge-A Artwork. Painting stands for art’s angels and demons, its optimism And a spotlight, its vanity and solipsism.

“The Painter’s New Devices” at Nahmad Modern in Manhattan currentcases simply how far contemporary artists have pushed new media with out leaving The safety of what’s legible as art. Gathering 57 works by 31 creators, its curators Eleanor Cayre and Dean Kissick assert that new utilized sciences have irrevocably reoutlined what it means To paint, wright hereas sustaining that painting stays outlined by the pursuit Of pretty issues. Making an try To maintain each ideas Immediately, the current embodies the cryptic, ambivalent embrace of custom, from cottagecore farmlife to Catholicism, practiced by a subset of principally youthful, very-on-line culturati. Painting is at stake — and so is a conservative want for the previous avant-garde.

It’s true that painting is know-how, and On A daily basis has been. Just As a Outcome of the invention of oil paint, slower drying than tempperiod, gave artists a revolutionary differ Of latest end outcomes, the lens and the transistor — pictures, video, and pc graphics — launched profound, irreversible modifications to how artists, and The The rest of us, see the world.

The hovering brush strokes and vertiginous layering of an emperiodld Laura Owens canvas apotheosize Photoshop methods. Ei Arakawa’s homage to Owens hangs close by: An picture of Definitely one of her work displayed on a low-res tapestry of LEDs. In a slicing-edge anatomical research by the video artist Kate Cooper, the digital camperiod skitters by way of a digital mannequin of a human physique, slice by slice, like Leonardo having fun with with an MRI machine.

Cayre and Kissick make A radical survey of painting’s ongoing id disaster, whether or not or not the artists themselves exactly feel like they’re painting. The current is ideaually sure on one facet by artists departing from typical painting into digital territory, and on The completely different by artists making animations and unpainted objects, shoehorned inTo painting’s agency because they go on the wall.

Recurrenting these trying new tools is the painter Julien Nguyen, who has a popularity for making use of Renaissance strategies to contemporary idioms. His digital portrait of a winsome youth smoking Inside The bathtub ditches brush and palette for an iPad. The strokes Nguyen laid down on the display seem on a monitor, put in entrance and center, as a flurry of oily, paint-like marks.

For the latter, tright here’s Jordan Wolfson’s pixelated print of Dorothy and her companions in Oz. The outdoorsy, eaved physique is …….